Tanning Salon in Orihashi-cho, Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japan


For new customers

Our staff is here to assist you thoroughly.

For those who are new to tanning salons or are a little nervous, don't worry.

Our staff will explain everything from the very beginning.

How to use our tanning salon

  • STEP

    We recommend that you make a reservation to ensure a smooth service.

    Reservations can be made by phone, Instagram, or DM on LINE.

    We ask that you make a reservation in advance, as we prioritize customers with a reservation.

    If you are a first time customer, please let our staff know.

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    Explanation of prices and machines

    Please choose the machine and the time you want to use as our staff explain the prices and the machines.

    Our staff will take you to the machine room.

    We will explain about the machine and how to use it in detail.

    All machine rooms are private rooms, so women can use the machines in peace.

  • STEP
    Start using the machine.

    Enter the machine, close your eyes and lie down, you will sweat like in a sauna. Enjoy your tan.

    For effective use of the machine bed, we recommend that you lie on your back or face down, divide the time between the two, and change positions to get an even, beautiful tan.

  • STEP
    After tanning.

    Please go to the private shower room, which is directly connected to the machine room, and wash off your sweat.

    Body soap, hairdressing products, hair dryer, etc. are provided and you are free to use them.

How to get a beautiful tan.

Start with a " base preparation" to acclimate your skin to the light!

If you are new to tanning, repeat the process frequently for short periods of time (20 minutes) to create a base!

Prolonged tanning can be hard on the skin and cause skin irritation, etc. To create beautiful tanned skin, take your time and enjoy your tanned skin without overdoing it. (The degree of coloring depends on the skin type and varies from person to person.)

The first week is very important; By tanning two to four times within a week, the base will be completed and the color will not fade easily.

Once the base is finished, the color will not fade easily and can be maintained at your favorite skin tone by using it once a week or once every 10 days.

*Please note that prolonged use at the first time may put a strain on the skin and cause skin problems. Be sure to use the machine in a way that is appropriate for your skin conditions.

Precautions for use

  • 1 Our tanning machines do not use harmful rays, but the degree of tanning varies from person to person.
  • 2 Please note that using the tanning machine for more than 30 minutes may damage your skin, especially if you are not used to tanning.
  • 3 Please note that tanning may cause the color of your tattoo to fade.
  • 4 Please do not use sun oil or sunscreen, as they may cause skin problems and damage the tanning machine.
  • 5 If you notice any problems with the tanning machine during use, please stop using the machine immediately and notify our staff.
  • 6 Due to the nature of the tanning machines, there are areas that are not easily tanned, so please try to move your body gradually.
  • 7 Please do not touch any part of the tanning machine other than the designated parts, otherwise it may cause malfunction.
  • 8 Please moisturize your skin with cream or other moisturizers after using the tanning machine.
  • 9 Please refrain from using the tanning machine if you are
  • 1. those who are sensitive to ultraviolet rays (skin, eyes, etc.) and allergic to ultraviolet rays
  • 2. Those who are not resistant to ultraviolet rays or have weak skin.
  • 3. Those who have scars, swellings, or pimples that have not completely healed.
  • 4. those who are currently visiting the hospital or taking medication.
  • (*Those who fall under the above 1 to 4 can use the service if they have a doctor's note and permission.)

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